Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to read an ebook on the biographies of the Billionaires on the historic Titanic….

The RMS Titanic, on her grand maiden voyage, carried many prominent figures, including the wealthy John Jacob Astor IV and Isidor Straus, co-owner of the famed Macy’s department store. Tragedy struck when the “unsinkable” ship collided with an iceberg.

The story of two Billionaires caught my attention – Jacob Astor and Isidore Strauss.

Jacob Astor, an American business Mogul, was accompanied by his young wife Madeleine on the cruise. While chaos erupted, the emergency protocol offered women and children lifeboats. Madeleine, boarded a lifeboat and left her Billionaire husband to s|nk with the ship. Heartbroken but resolute, Astor faced his fate and wished her well. Jacob Astor was 29 years older than Madeleine. Jacob married the 18 year old beautiful socialite when he was 47. Jacob had divorced his first wife to marry Madeleine.

But for Billionaire Isidor Straus, along with his wife Ida, the same lifeboat offer was made to the wife of Isidor but she refused. Isidor and his wife are just 4 years apart in age and shared great memories growing up.

In a selfless act that has continued to echo throughout history, Mrs. Ida chose to rather s|nk with her husband than abandon him to his fate. Their children inherited their wealth. She didn’t leave her husband’s side in their hour of need. Their final moments together became a testament to their enduring love.

Back to Madeleine and Jacob Astor, the story didn’t end there. Unknown to Madeleine, her Billionaire older husband only left her $100,000 and the right to use his house which she will lose if she remarries. Well, she would remarry few years after Titanic sank and she lost what her first husband left for her. She remarried twice and had a chaotic life experience.

Here’s the difficult part? I’m struggling to conclude on the moral of this story. Please comment below what you think are your take home lessons from this true life story. I’ll be in the comment section.

By Charles Awuzie

2 thoughts on “Eternal Vows

  1. Wow, what an interesting life story.
    My take on this story from Isidor and gis wife is they both truly loved each other, whereby the wife doesn’t care about their wealth and decided to die with her husband so touchy.
    Then for Madeleine I believe she never loved her husband from the beginning of their marriage, which made her to care less when Jacob her husband died, because she was after his wealth.
    In our present day many couples do not value their marriages, some maybe because of the wealth, some might say because of their kids but the love has died long time ago, very pathetic. My advice to couples as long as you agreed to marry that man or woman. LOVE each other genuinely and VALUE each each till your last breath. Thanks.

    1. Well said. Good perspective. But I also think that it’s a problem of marrying underaged or people who are not mature. Again it was an offer that came from the husband. You can’t tell how anyone would react under pressure. No one indeed can tell how they themselves would react under pressure.

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