Why The Black Man Suffers

Why The Black Man is Suffering Today By Reno Omokri The biggest problem of the Black Race is not poverty or under development. It is disunity. All other problems the Black Race face are a symptom of this one problem and until we address it, all our efforts at changing our destiny to one of […]

The Fastest Tick & Fleas Dog Treatments

How Fradys Got Saved We’ve got a Pitbull. She’s about 1 year old now. Stucky and stubborn and fun to be with. She’s almost charcoal black with shinning black furs. Strong and solid. She makes our German Shepherd feel like soft tissue and walks around as if our property belongs to her. Her name is […]

A Tuition-Free Medical School

Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine Offers Free Education. The school says its committed to waiving all tuition and fees for classes entering in the fall of 2020 through 2024.  This waiver was made available for each class for all four years of enrollment.  “Medical school is expensive, and debt can impact students’ […]

What is a “Master of Scale”?

“Scalable ideas don’t have to tackle dramatic problems; they have to tackle neglected problems”. Reid Hoffman When I first started this platform, I used to pose a simple question to would-be entrepreneurs [and even some #JuniorClass guys]: “Which of these businesses do you consider to be the most lucrative: telecoms, cosmetics, supermarkets, mining, farming?” And […]

Charles Spurgeon’s Quotes

“The exercise of benevolence is joy to loving hearts: the more pain it costs, the more joy it is. Kind actions make us happy, and in such joy we find communion with the great heart of Jesus. “_________________________________________________________ “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”_________________________________________________________ “By perseverance the snail […]