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How Fradys Got Saved

We’ve got a Pitbull. She’s about 1 year old now. Stucky and stubborn and fun to be with. She’s almost charcoal black with shinning black furs. Strong and solid. She makes our German Shepherd feel like soft tissue and walks around as if our property belongs to her.

Her name is Fradys. She was littered from a rugged father with unbeaten history in dog fights according to the seller. Unfortunately, we bought her with hundreds of fleas never seen before in my life. Fact is, I had never seen a flea until I saw them running around on Fradys. She had dozens of them. It felt like one should dump the dog in a pool of hot water or acid to get rid of them. We tried all sorts. We almost killed the dog trying to save her. You know you can be so desperate that you would almost want to apply any chemical you can grab on your dog in trying to save it.

Then It Got Really Worse

We took Fradys to her Vet, got her vaccinated, dewormed and got some skin application but it didn’t work as expected. We moved away from the conventional treatment and tried a self-made remedy we found. It’s a powder we bought produced locally and ‘poof’ the fleas disappeared. Then came ticks immediately, as if waiting for the fleas to go. They initially came in the dozens.

But suddenly they were everywhere in the house and on everything else. It was a battle that made that against the fleas a joke. They multiplied and bred in their hundreds. We applied everything we could find. We did researches online to see how pet owners dealt with the evil but we couldn’t find any permanent solution. One recommendation online said that the best way to deal with them is to pick them out gently – one-by-one. What!!!!!!

Picking them was like forever. We picked for weeks while trying other remedies. One day thankfully we were introduced to a solution that saved the dog. This was when we almost gave up. Those ticks could have killed Fradys. From buying her for the next 7 months was an endless daily battle. We eventually got a solution that smelt like one of those insecticides and a shampoo that smelt like Izal. All looking very locally produced but instantly effective. We bathed the dog with the two solutions and to our amazement the ticks died off the dog’s skin and fur.

Fradys appears happier and more playful. She hardly scratches herself as before. When she did you would think that dogs were designed to just scratch. Never seen a dog so free now. Fradys go on days without scratching and much happier than ever. Couldn’t imagine that those evil ticks could be got rid of.

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