About Us


We all do not have to pay for what we need particularly if someone has it and does not need it. Everyone of us has something we really would never need again. Someone, somewhere, is hoping and working hard to get that thing. NFS-Connect makes the connection – where those in need of something get it free from those who have it.

Core Values





Vision Statement

The best platform to express benevolence.

Mission Statement

Creating a platform to connect benevolent people with the needy and people who are temporarily going through tough times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services. If we

missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

NFS-CONNECT is an IT Firm established to create platforms to connect benevolent people with the needy and people who are temporarily going through tough times. Not everyone has what it takes to get what they need.  Sometimes, some people are looking for who to help with what they have – NFS-Connect makes that connection.

Only items under POPOULAR LOCATIONS marked “Free Items” are free.  To shop for free items click here – Free Items.

Friends, family and some kind hearted people give us items.

We rely on provisions from the public, family, and friends. Organisations partner with us by making donations of their products and services.  As an IT Firm we build and manage websites.  

The vision came in 2017. We started sensitisation in early-mid 2021. We started January 2022.

No. We have only the things that are donated.

We are open to cash donations.  We  give cash gifts.

Always. Keep checking back. Check our website regularly.  Type the name of any item you need on the search window which is located immediately after the “Blog” Menu and if we have it on our site it would pop up.

Some of our items are pre-owned (used). Some are new.

Delivery costs vary. It depends on your location and on the size and weight of your item.

Yes. But the beneficiary or receipient has to pay for the delivery.

Absolutely yes. We encourage people to personally pick up their items or send a dispatch.

Click here for Individual donation and here for corporate or company donations.