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NFS-Connect is a Community of People committed to making life easier for everyone 

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Only admins can create Groups. You may request that we create a group for you and we'd approve your request once we are ascertain that it meets our criteria.

Sure thing! You don't have to belong to a Group to give or receive free items. Just sign up and begin to shop for free by clicking Free Items on our Main Menu above. Disregard the monetary value attached to the listed items - they are all free. They are there to let you know what you could have paid for them.


How It Works

NFS-Connect is made up of growing thousands of members across nations. It's designed to begin at the grassroots - right where you are. It's a movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for FREE. Yes, for FREE! Membership is free - everything is just free. Whatever you post must be free (not for sale), legal, usable and appropriate for all ages.

Let's get down to its working: When you register (sign up) here, you should look for Groups of common interests and demography. There are Groups from your country, state, residence, city, or that you would find useful and so forth. You can make posts about things you want to gift or receive. Someone may respond and then you arrange a pickup time and location in a public place - just like that. Your life just got easier. Let's go...

Registration would always be free.  But we have zero tolerance for marketing of your goods or services, scams, spams, criminals and those who want to take advantage of kind hearted individuals within our communities.

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Find common interests, visit Groups around your work, residential location or even state to meet new friends. Ensure to exchange some free items with them.

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Create a blog in the NFS-Connect community to share your thoughts and leads to where people can enjoy free stuff around. Post articles, images and more.

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Start a forum topic or comment on someone else's. Share ideas and get community feedback keeping benevolence in mind.

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The NFS-Connect community is a place to combine social networking with some benevolence.

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Since coming in contact with this website life has been easy indeed. I needed an expensive and rare spare part for my Samsung phone and I got it for free from someone with the same model, whose phone was no longer in use.
Joshua Ebidowei
This is your one-stop place for all you need at zero expense. I got a free spare tire for my car from this site. It's amazing to know that you don't have to pay for everything you need sometimes.
David Imonitie
Computer Scientist
A friend told me about this site. I saw a thread for newly listed but free item. I thought it was a scam and felt it was too good to be true. I reached out the the poster and found the site to be genuine. I sent a dispatch to pick it up and didn't have to pay for it. Indeed "Life can be easier..." as they say. I would tell others.
Sharon Eromosele

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